TJ 20 Turbojet Engine

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The TJ 20 is a small turbojet engine designed for UAV systems, such as target drones and decoy drones, in order to confuse enemy air defenses and small reconnaissance drones. It has the advantage of having  a weight of only 4.37 lb. (1.98 kg)  and a thrust of 51.7 lbf (230 N). It comes with electric starting, a fuel pump and a sparkplug built into the casing of the combustion chamber – the ideal components for UAV systems.

Main features
  • A complete range of accessories including electronics, pump, electric valves, sparkplug and engine-integrated sensors.
  • Electric starting system, one fuel supply and constant engine thrust, independent of ambient temperature.
  • Operates efficiently with battery connection (3sLiPo – 2200 mAh) and with a fuel mixture supply containing 3% turbine oil.
  • Accessories: fuel filter, D6.5 hose, fixing clamp, flange and EDT.
  • Kerosene starting.
  • Easy and rapid startup.
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