Turboshaft Engines

PBS AEROSPACE is specialized in production of turboshaft engines. The turboshaft engine functions on a similar principle as the turboprop engine and belongs to the category of power plants which is most often used to power helicopters and hovercraft. Their advantage is the ability to take off and land vertically, therefore, their use is invaluable in areas where there are limited possibilities for landing and in particular for emergency rescue services. PBS AEROSPACE joined the ranks of manufacturers of this type of power plant with the development of the PBS TS100 engine, which is appropriate especially for smaller modern helicopters and unmanned aircraft. PBS AEROSPACE production division, is a manufacturer of aircraft turboshaft engines. PBS AEROSPACE Inc. (US) is the supplier of these engines in the USA.

The PBS TS100 is a turboshaft engine. This type of engine emerged with the development of modern helicopters. The engine is suitable for smaller and lighter helicopters or for unmanned aerial vehicles. These can be used by rescue services or for police or reconnaissance purposes and also in agriculture. The advantage of the engine lies in its small installation dimensions, low weight and high static performance at 241 HP (180 kW) with the capacity to achieve flight levels of up to 29,520 ft. (9,000 m)  and a maximum starting height of 19,680 ft. (6,000 m).