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Frank A. Jones
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ERAU training with PBS TJ40

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Trains the Next Generation of Engineers with a PBS TJ40
In June of 2021, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University purchased a TJ40 from PBS Aerospace for use in the Propulsion Laboratory at the Prescott, AZ campus. The engine will be used as a demonstrator engine in a number of classroom and laboratory courses, as well as the topic of senior capstone design teams. The engine will be used in courses like Air-Breathing and Rocket Propulsion and Advanced Propulsion where students will be able to run the engine and collect data from the test and then use the data in performance and design calculations they are learning about in the classroom. The engine will also be used in lab classes like Thermal-Fluid Science and Energy Management where the students will be able to design new instrumentation and measurement systems for use with the engine as well as developing and executing test campaigns aimed at collecting performance data and learning about test operations.

This year a team from the Mechanical Engineering Capstone Design course is making a test stand for the engine. This team, Atlas Designs, has developed a set of requirements, done the preliminary and detailed design for the components for the stand, including making all of the drawings and doing the structural analysis. They are also developing a data acquisition and control system for running the engine and collecting thrust and fuel flow rate for the engine to be able to calculate performance parameters. The control system is a combination of the PBS engine controller and software developed by the students as part of the project. The test stand is scheduled to be commissioned in April 2022.

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