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PBSA Expansion of Turbojet Engine Portfolio

The PBS AEROSPACE portfolio of turbojet engines continues to grow in response to the DOD’s requirement for a wider variety of propulsion system options for small Unmanned Air Systems (sUAS), target drones, and missiles. 

PBS AEROSPACE is quickly becoming the world’s leading manufacturer of small jet turbines and other gas turbine engine products for a broad spectrum of commercial and military applications. The demonstrated high quality, reliability, and value for money that PBS AEROSPACE gas turbine products provide are reflected in the fact they have been delivered and installed in several thousand aircraft systems worldwide. 

PBS AEROSPACE turbojet engines cover thrust categories from 89 lbf to 337 lbf. The main features that differentiate PBS AEROSPACE jet engines from the competition are price, variable launch attitude capability, high electrical output, and excellent thrust-to-weight ratio. 



The newest version of PBS AEROSPACE TJ40 family of engines, the TJ40-G1NS, is designed and optimized especially for unmanned applications. The TJ40-G1NS jet engine excels with a maximum thrust of 95 lbf, making it an ideal choice for target drones that need an affordable, reliable, and high-performance propulsion system. The engine provides an electrical power output of 150 W and is designed for air-launched use in altitudes up to 14,764 feet with a maximum flight level of 29,528 feet above sea level.  

The outer diameter of the engine is 5.79 inches and only weighs in at 7.94 pounds. The increased performance and lower acquisition cost provided by the TJ40-G1NS meet the requirements of manufacturers and operators of sUAS alike. 

 The full range of PBS AEROSPACE gas turbine products

In the middle of 2019, PBS AEROSPACE introduced the PBS TJ80 jet engine for air-launched applications in the middle of 2018. The engine has excelled with its several innovative design specifications, including an oil-free concept with fuel-lubricated bearings, 9.25-inch outer diameter, 26.5-pound weight, 202 lbf thrust, and an integrated 650 W / 28 V power supply. After finalizing development and making significant improvements, the company introduced to the DoD sUAS marketplace new PBS TJ80M, which provides a 1/3 increase in thrust to 270 lbf thrust, a reduction in specific fuel consumption, with the outer diameter of 9.25 inches remaining unchanged. 

PBS AEROSPACE recently launched a fuel-lubricated modification of the popular PBS TJ100 turbojet engine, the TJ100P, as well as the PBS TJ150, a 337 lbf thrust variant. The company is currently developing a new turbo jet engine with thrust exceeding 450 lbf, which is designed for larger UAS. 

The unique ability of PBS AEROSPACE to carry out in-house design and development, manufacture, and testing of the engines in accordance with global aerospace standards has greatly contributed to its enduring success on the global market. Customers appreciate not only the technical features and proven reliability of the engines, but also the ability for PBS AEROSPACE to respond to specific customer requirements and customize the engine for each unique application.


“We are very proud to be supporting several U.S. sUAS OEMs in the design, development, and planned production release of highly innovative air vehicle designs for use in DoD sUAS applications. We look forward to further supporting in the future both OEM and DoD end-customers as well as US Army all around the world”, said Christopher Culp, Director of Sales and Operations for PBS AEROSPACE.

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