Today, the aviation industry is among the fastest-growing industries and is one of the prime movers of globalization and modernization in the modern world. Thanks to the aviation industry, we are able to get to know the world through our travels, be they for the purpose of work or pleasure. Being part of the aviation industry involves fulfilling the most demanding criteria connected with top-rate production, quality and safety. We must primarily focus on development and on the requirements of customers from both civilian and military aviation. We at PBS AEROSPACE Inc (US)  are therefore proud to be involved in this field as a part of PBS GROUP, which is a successful and reliable partner to many significant aviation manufacturers and final assemblers. PBS GROUP has a profile as an engineering manufacturer which operates not only in the field of aviation, but also the energy and transportation industries. The first factory falling under what today constitutes PBS GROUP was founded in 1814 and since that time, the whole company has gone through dramatic development. PBS GROUP´s production sites are located in the Czech Republic, a member of the European Union.

The production division of  PBS AEROSPACE, has been involved in the field of aviation for close to 50 years as a designer and a manufacturer of aircraft engines, auxiliary power units, environmental control systems and gearboxes.  During that time, PBS AEROSPACE has designed and successfully launched on the market a series of high-quality, reliable light turbine engines. All our propulsion systems meet the challenges of the demanding operational environments. The spectrum of possible uses is wide thanks to production flexibility and possible integration with various kinds of vehicles; nonetheless, current trends in the field of aviation are going in the direction of application especially in unmanned systems.  Here it is possible to make use of the advantages of PBS engines, which have high-level parameters. Their main advantage above all is their low weight; they are on a world-class level with regards to their power-to-weight ratio.
PBS GROUP gives significant support to and invests in research and innovation. PBS AEROSPACE is the main coordinator of the European ESPOSA project, which is aimed at research and development of small aviation engines. The project is supported by the European Union and consists of 42 partners from 15 countries, divided into 20 industrial enterprises, 12 development centers and 10 universities.

Production at PBS AEROSPACE conforms to international standards. The operation and quality of processes is certified according to the internationally recognized standards AS9100, ISO 14001 and NADCAP.