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PBS TJ100 – an ideal propulsion for SUBSONEX aircraft

SubSonex Aircraft is one of successful experimental jet aircrafts by Sonex Aircraft L.L.C using our engine PBS TJ100E3S and they have been a great fit together. This is why we met up with the owner of the company, Mark Schaible and discussed with him performance, reliability, customer support, engine data, and installation details of the PBS TJ100 engine. You can find out more information below.


How do PBS engines perform on your Sub-Sonex aircraft?
The performance of the PBS TJ100 in the SubSonex is remarkable, and the engine is a marvel of engineering with its FADEC control, integrated starter/generator and recirculating oil system which makes operation of the aircraft and engine easier than running any piston engine! With the PBS TJ100, our SubSonex boasts top speeds approaching 300 mph and with 40 gallons of useable fuel onboard in the SubSonex, the aircraft can fly 300 statute miles plus 30 minutes reserve, even though cross-country flying is definitely not part of the SubSonex design criteria. Cruise speeds range between 230 and 240 mph TAS burning about 18-20 gallons per hour. The engine can handle the SubSonex’s aerobatic envelope and is incredible with regard to its resistance to compressor stall allowing us to perform maneuvers that are typically taboo in turbojet aircraft such as hammerheads and even tail slides. The in-air restart capability is easy and reliable allowing in-flight engine shut-downs in powered glider operations. Again, the PBS TJ100 is truly a remarkable engine.

Are PBS Aerospace engines reliable?
With the FADEC control features of the engine, starter/generator and recirculating oil system we have found the PBS TJ100 to be incredibly reliable in all aspects, especially when it comes to operations that would be far-more complex with less-advanced turbine engines. Our aircraft have been in regular service on the air show circuit for a number of years and the engines have been incredibly reliable.
How is PBS Aerospace Customer Support?
The people at PBS Aerospace have provided great support to Sonex and its customers through the years. Although the engine is manufactured outside of the United States, there is always a representative available here at home with PBS Aerospace.
How are the engine manuals?
PBS engine manuals are incredibly detailed and complete, with far better documentation than any other engine in its performance class. Performance Data & Specifications, Operating Procedures and Limitations, Installation Information, Maintenance, Inspection and Component Replacement information – it’s all there!

Were you able to install and operate the engine with the information supplied?
Installation of the PBS TJ100 is incredibly easy, especially when compared with our years of experience with piston engine installations. The installation information in the PBS engine manual is complete, and when paired with the SubSonex-specific installation equipment and instructions, we have an easily repeatable installation even for amateur aircraft builders. When it comes to removing and reinstalling the engine for maintenance, it’s just a matter of disconnecting fuel line fittings, disconnecting multi-pin connectors and removing two bolts – it couldn’t be easier!

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