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Frank A. Jones
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FLS Microjet and Tucano-R powered by PBS engines

Lewis & Clark Performance, LLC has brought back one of the most sought-after aerial performances to the airshow circuit, and it is with a FLS microjet powered by a PBS Aerospace TJ100 engine.
Justin Lewis amazes crowds with an aerial performance that displays the FLS Microjet’s high performance and aerobatic capabilities. Mr. Lewis uses today’s advanced technology and his FLS Microjet features equipment that even James Bond couldn’t imagine!


The PBS Aerospace TJ100 is the powerplant behind all the magic at the airshows. The PBS TJ100 engine offers  a compact design and has an excellent thrust output  of up to 292 lbf (1,250 N), with low fuel consumption for its  category. The PBS TJ100 allows Justin  to effectively accomplish his mission and brings joy to the spectators who watch his shows. You can check him out this year at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2021 Airshow in this Green Hops (Beer) painted BD-Micro jet. We can’t wait to see Justin in action! 

For more information, please visit: or contact Justin Lewis – FLS Microjet Pilot & Team Owner at:


Another example of application of our engines is MidWest Tucano who upgraded the Tucano-R with a PBS Aerospace TP100.

MidWest Tucano is happy to announce that they have taken the Flying Legend Tucano-R kit and upgraded it to include a PBS Aerospace TP100 engine. MidWest stated that, “The PBS Aerospace TP 100 was an excellent choice for power to weight ratio in this airframe. The PBS TP100 only weighs 135.8lbs and generates 241hp at takeoff, with a maximum continuous rating  of 214hp.


This new kit has a heavy-duty frame and structure that will allow for simple acrobatic maneuvers. Ami Sela stated that “our reason for the Tucano-R aircraft build was to demonstrate to the global aviation market a higher horsepower variant with a Jet-A fuel option. This opens a lot more opportunities to our customers. The Flying Legend Tucano-R powered by a PBS TP100 aircraft is expected to be completed and flying by the end of the year. Be on the lookout in the future as the kit will be available to ship by Oshkosh 2022.
MidWest Tucano will be promoting their version of the Tucano-R in the Flying Legend 634 Booth this year at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2021. Make sure to place your reservation on this kit today.
If you need more information about the MidWest Flying Legend Tucano-R PBS TJ100 airplane, feel free to reach out or contact  MidWest Tucano representative, Ami Sela at: or (612) 444-9445.


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